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Deepening the Characters We Create: A Writing Workshop

Deepening the Characters We Create: A Writing Workshop

Lisa DoctorWeek of September 25-30, 2011

Lisa Doctor

The characters we create can and will evolve from caricatures into real people if we allow them to speak in their own voices without interference. But how do our characters turn into dynamic beings? How do they find their own truths?

Through a series of writing exercises and discussion, we will create the profile of a character and then allow him or her to answer challenging questions designed to reveal hidden truths. Each prompt will be chosen specifically for the character; no two characters will receive the same questions. As the week progresses, these emerging people will open up about that which haunts and thrills them. They will explore their personal histories, their concerns about aging, their longings, disappointments, and uncertainties. We will ask them to speak freely about old wounds and their compassion for others. They will tell us what used to be important to them but no longer is. By the end of the week the character each writer has created will have begun to emerge into a separate being with an authentic voice and a distinct identity.

This workshop is designed for writers of every level, including beginners, who are seeking a group writing experience in a safe and nurturing environment. The method used is particularly effective for those wishing to begin or are in the midst of writing a novel, memoir, short story, screenplay, or stage play, where a richly drawn character takes center stage.

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