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ALS Walk

ALS Walk

ALS Walk 2015

Another great year of support. Thank you to Irene Fenton, Tracy Allen, Kara Fox, Adrian Grant and President of ALS Fred Fisher and everyone who contributed with their time, money, and effort in fighting for a great cause.



ALS Walk 2014

Gigi Small, Beth Ginsberg, Susan Cohen, Pami Ozaki, Janaki Welch, Adrian Grant, and friends.



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Mission Statement

The Women’s Professional Network (WPN) was formed by Adrian Grant, an established Los Angeles Realtor and philanthropist, to build a network and community of successful and like-minded dynamic women. Together with her co-chairs, WPN has grown from a small gathering to a vibrant dedicated group of women from professions including medical, mental health, art, finance, and law.

The mission for WPN is to foster, enlighten, and educate women who want to expand their professional services as well as charitable services by offering their time and financial assistance to the larger community. One of the goals of WPN is to expand the support and growth of women through chapters around the country and world because we believe in being mindful of our role(s) in society and the many contributions we make. Madeleine Albright said it best - "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

WPN meets on the first Monday of each month at a private home providing dinner and a topical presentation. Feel free to browse our website for WPN meeting information and calendar of exciting events.